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A wedding is a precious day that symbolizes the love you share for one another, and what better way of sharing it is with family and friends to witness the holy union of you and you future husband to be.  You want everything on that special day to be classy and elegant. 


So this requires an experience wedding coordinator who knows what the bride is looking for.  We know how much time that goes into planning a wedding. This is a time consuming job that takes up a lot of the bride’s time with (researching, gathering information, interviewing vendors etc.).  This is what we do.  We take the pressure off of the bride.  We do all the work for you so the bride won't get so stressed out over the dreadful process.  So you can sit back relax and let Dreams to Reality Consulting do all the work for.   We have planned several events from weddings, wedding renewals, to family reunions, banquets, church retreats, birthday parties, etc. DRC knows exactly what you are looking for. 


DRC offers a wide variety of wedding and events packages to suit every client's budget!


Weddings and receptions look so effortless and relaxed on the bride and groom's big day that it's easy for the

outside observer to overlook the hours and hours of preparation and all the detailed planning that went into

this celebration. Many families who choose the "do it yourself" route, wish, at the end of a reception,

that they sought professional help. This is what we can do for our clients:

****We provides worry free; cost effective, and time efficient planning.****


We bring to the wedding planning process third party objectivity, along with broad experience. Brides rely on our ability to resolve conflicts while leaving everyone's feelings intact. In other words, there are timeswhen our job is to bring order to family chaos. 

  • We eliminate costly mistakes, while still working within the couples' budget including our own consulting fee.
  • Our consultants bring fresh ideas and knowledge of what is currently "in" and "out," style wise on the wedding scene.
  • We already have the vendor contacts that our clients would have to spend hours researching and interviewing.
  • We offer the flexibility to play as big or small a role as the bride and groom want. We can plan a wedding every stepof the way from the engagement party to the honeymoon (this is our full service, or A to Z, option). Or,we can contract to handle just the wedding rehearsal and supervise the events of the wedding day.
  • Having a wedding consultant allows you and your invited guests to enjoy the "Big Day,"without having to involve family and friends in managing every minute detail of the events.
  • With our service, couples get a walking wedding encyclopedia. We have the answers to your questions.If there's something we don't know, we will find the answer faster than anyone else.
  • There is no absolute criterion for the "perfect wedding." Knowing that, we can focus on planning your ceremony and reception designed to fit your wants and needs.




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